Monday, April 18, 2011

Blogathon 2011

The Blogathon is always in July so should check here in around May and also in the meantime maybe be making friends who might sponsor me?   

This year I'd like to blog to benefit the fight for children's cancer.

Hint:   Before the time of the blog-a-thon I can get information and such from the parents and blog an entry about those with the cancer and about the families stress, fight, heartache, etc.

If I can get quite a few things ahead of time to blog about then it should make it much easier when I do blog during the blogathon and get really tired and all.  

Another thing I want to do is to get any and all pictures ready that I might want to use in my blog posts and have them all ... along with information, prayers requests and so on, all in a folder on my desktop.

  • Can also blog to go to Bright Futures Farm for Blogathon! 


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