Monday, April 18, 2011

Some Wishes for now

Some of the things I want to do:

  • Rent cabin & have kids and grandkids there
  • Toss pennies in a wishing well
  • Read "Gone With The Wind"
  • Eat at a Japanese restaurant
  • Shop at Macy's

  • Write an e-book and get it in Kindle store
  • Go on a picnic with my family
  • Go on a picnic with Randy, Jake, Marty, Pat & Randy
  • Find a new pen pal [prison]
  • Get contact lenses

  • Have a picnic with Pat and Kathy [Jason come too?]
  • Get a new tattoo [what to get?  Maybe rose with stem & words?]

  • Buy 2 new rings [one for middle and one for pinkie finger] 

  • Go see a "Romeo and Juliet" play
  • Go to Maplewood football, basketball or wrestling event

  • Go to a Titusville football game 
  • Get together with Jan, Mel and Emmy
  • Write a poem and get it published
  • Go to NYC
  • Make a quilt

  • Participate in this years NanoWriMo!  [2011]
  • Participate in Blogathon in July
  • Go to our family reunion [July]/with Kee?
  • Lose down to 180 pounds or less
  • Buy a bottle of "fine wine" 

  • Buy a bottle of champagne to celebrate finishing NaNoWriMo

  • Do ceramics again
  • Ride Tilt-a-Whirl again 
  • Go to Crawford County Fair
  • Go to Conneaut Lake Park
  • Get a mothers ring [diamond in between stones]
  • Make 75 crosses for our service men and women

  • Get a New York Yankees T-shirt 
  • Get crosses to more orphanages in another country
  • Go to class reunion in 2014!  
  • Buy Jason and Kee each a bible and write notes in it 
  • Have a movie day, get all favorites from past
  • Have an old cartoon day [all my old favorites] 

  • See about volunteering on farm [Spartansburg] even if just for a day

Bright Futures Farm
44793 Harrison Road
Spartansburg, Pa 16434

phone: 814.827.8270 

  • Go to Savannah, Georgia
  • Listen to one full series of an old time radio show
  •  Go and see a real plantation
  •  Spend a week at the ocean with an ocean view from room

  • Write a quarter of a million words in one year [685 per day] for 365 days!
Can include words from my blog posts, letter writing, articles writing, etc. 

  • Visit a mansion 
  • Visit a real castle! 

  •  2012 - learn  bible verses [3 a week = 156]
  •  To go on a horse and sleigh ride [winter] 



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